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Archived Content from Conference Held in October 2008 

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Paper Session: Bilingualism and Biliteracy for All: Advocating for Dual Language Education
Friday, October 17, 4:15 pm, Room: State III 
Rosa Molina, 2-Way CABE

In this age of accountability, we must promote the skills that will prepare our students for a global society - skills that include bilingualism, biliteracy and cultural competence. We can promote our dual language programs by telling our stories - the stories that test data do not tell. This presentation will identify many ways of promoting and marketing dual language programs in order to bring the focus back to real students and their needs. Come, share your story and leave with tools to advocate for your dual language program.

Paper Session: English in the Discourse of Non-native French Immersion Teachers
Friday, October 17, 4:15 pm, Room: State I 
Razika Sanaoui, York University

This research describes the quantity and functions of English in the discourse of four non-native French immersion teachers in elementary schools in Ontario, Canada. Data included transcripts of the teachers’ classroom verbal interactions, interviews probing their beliefs about using English in French classrooms, and individual perceptions of their own discourse.

Paper Session: French Immersion Students Defining Grey Zones 
Friday, October 17, 4:15 pm, Room: Great River Ballroom IV 
Sylvie Roy , University of Calgary 

This presentation explores the conception of student identity as learners of French. The data comes from three years of ethnographic study in three junior high schools in Canada. We will see that students are choosing to occupy a grey area, by not recognizing or legitimizing their place as either Anglophone or Francophone.

Discussion Session: French Language Immersion in Cajun Country: Revitalizing a Cultural Heritage 
Friday, October 17, 4:15 pm, Room: Carousel East 
Karine Lenox, Cecilia Primary

“When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.” In the 1950s, Louisiana Cajuns were punished for speaking their native language - French - in school. In 2008, this language, once considered shameful, is taught in immersion schools. Can French survive in Cajun Country? How do we deal with this unique and complex culture in school?

Paper Session: Immersion: Creating a Unique Culture and Identity
Friday, October 17, 4:15 pm, Room: Governors III 
Doreen Krueger, Concordia University Wisconsin

Early immersion programs in the U.S. are often located in urban districts with a diverse student population, adding an interesting dimension to the culture of the school and the community of learners. This session, based on the results of dissertation research, uses student voices to explore how immersion learners' shift in identity is a result of their second language learning.

Session Handouts (in PDF): Powerpoint               

Paper Session: Les Intelligences Multiples et L'Enseignement en Immersion Française
Friday, October 17, 4:15 pm, Room: Governors II 
Carolyn King, University of Calgary

This session will provide information on Multiple Intelligences theory and move to practical strategies for excellent classrooms as well as application for planning and evaluation. Teachers will be very enthusiastic. A handout will be provided.

Paper Session: Project Based Learning
Friday, October 17, 4:15 pm, Room: Kellogg II 
Hiroko Darnall, Thomas Dooley School
Noriko Izumi, Thomas Dooley School
Quinn Wulbecker, Thomas Dooley School

Japanese-English Dual Language teachers at Thomas Dooley Elementary School in Schaumburg School District 54 (IL) share how they have successfully used Project Based Learning in their classrooms. The inclusion of these projects in our classes have allowed students to use language skills, be creative, work cooperatively, set goals, research a curriculum based topic, and produce a finished product. Several examples will be shown. The session also introduces the teaching model used in the dual language classes at Dooley from K- 5.

Paper Session: Promoting Cross-linguistic Awareness and Peer Learning Strategies in French Immersion
Friday, October 17, 4:15 pm, Room: Great River Ballroom I 
Susan Ballinger, McGill University
Laura Collins, Concordia University
Roy Lyster, McGill University

This research aims to uncover how French immersion teachers in the Montreal area, who are teaching equivalent numbers of French- and English-dominant students, might adopt practices that promote a crosslinguistic learning environment and that equip students with strategies to help them learn one other’s language.

Session Handouts (in PDF): Handout               

Discussion Session: Secondary Immersion: Tips and Tools for Successful Classrooms
Friday, October 17, 4:15 pm, Room: Kellogg III 
Richard Culp, Fairfax County Public Schools

This session will present some of the activities, lessons and strategies of secondary immersion teachers from Fairfax County Public Schools in Northern Virginia. The presenters will discuss strategies for keeping students in the target language, fostering classroom discussions and most importantly keeping the students studying the language through high school and beyond. Participants will also have the opportunity to share successful practices from their own classrooms in the discussion.

Paper Session: The Impact of Native Speaking Interns in the Immersion Classroom
Friday, October 17, 4:15 pm, Room: Windows on the River 
Sharon Norlander, Normandale French Immersion School
Odile Boucher-Rivalain, Université de Cergy-Pontoise, France
Julie Valluet, Académie Lafayette

Learn more about the “Teacher Trainee” program of Edina (MN) Public Schools. This presentation, by a first grade immersion teacher, a French university professor of English and a former intern (now working as an immersion teacher in the U.S.), looks beyond the benefits for the students in the classroom to examine the impact on the classroom teacher, on the interns' studies at the home country university and on the interns’ professional future.

Paper Session: The Language Arts Portfolio in Middle School Immersion
Friday, October 17, 4:15 pm, Room: Kellogg I 
Brigitte Anderson, Paul Breaux Middle School

This presentation offers a comprehensive plan for target language arts instruction and practice at the middle school level, based on a system of portfolios integrating reading, writing, and grammar in a natural and authentic way. Participants will examine extensive student work samples and share their experiences, issues, and solutions.


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