Technology in Second Language Teaching

2 credits per quarter
Instructors: Marlene Johnshoy Jenise Rowekamp
Office: 154 Fol Hall 51D Fol Hall
Phone:  626-9407 625-3865
Office Hours: Wed 1-9pm, or by appt. 
(other than classtimes) 
email questions encouraged!
PO Boxes: In 51 Folwell Hall (drop off and pick up assignments here)

Course Web site:

Text: Reading packet available at Paradigm in the Dinky Dome.
Course requirements, per quarter: % of grade
1. Class participation, Checklist, Listserv Readings discussion:  20 
2. Two activities:  40
3. Presentation of one activity or final project: 5
4. Final project:  35

If the course is not taken for credit, the final project is not required. Weekly participation, questions and comments on readings, checklists and the activities are expected of everyone.

S/N grades: For a grade of S, the equivalent in course work of a C is required.

Incompletes: Incompletes are highly discouraged. They will be granted only in case of a real emergency and only if requested in writing, with reasons, by the last scheduled class meeting.

Reading Assignments: For each reading assignment, you are required to write at least one question or comment (not more than 100 words) and post it to the listserv by noon on Monday before class. You are also required to post within the next week at least one response to your classmates' questions or comments. You will be assigned to one of four listservs for these discussions.

Activities: You are required to further explore each of main course topics (two per quarter) by completing the activities listed in the syllabus. Work is to be submitted in paper or electronic form (email attachment). One activity (your choice) each quarter will be presented to the rest of the class during the last two classes, unless you are presenting a final project.

Final Project: The final project is required if the course is taken for credit. It should be an expansion of one of the activities from that quarter. It consists of a paper of 5 to 6 pages in length or electronic project, which examines and analyzes a use of technology in language teaching. Final projects will be presented to the rest of the class during one of the last two classes.