Checklist for Word Processing
CARLA Technology Project

If you need help with any of the following, use the "Help" in your word processor.
YES I know how to:
  begin a new document
  use File - Open to find a previously saved document 
  use the "tab" key for moving horizontally (not the spacebar!)
  understand that the text will "wrap" without my touching the "return" (Mac) or "enter" (PC) keys at the end of each line
  format text using font, size, styles, color
  align text - left, right, center
  copy or cut and paste to move chunks of text - how about drag and drop chunks?
  use the Tab to indent - not the Space Bar! 
  set up the page for either a landscape or portrait orientation
  set margins - or change them
  save frequently... when it's "frozen" it is too late  (Hint:  set it for "auto-save")
  select the pages I want to print
  find and utilize the "help" feature
Getting Out and Staying Sane
  save a document with a name that will let me know what is inside
  "save as" another format or file name
  save as a webpage
  save to the hard drive, a server, or other media.
I can find a document after I've saved it.  Retrieval is key!
Getting Fancy
  add a graphic or picture (import/add or drag-and-drop from a web page).
  use find/change or find/replace
  insert page breaks
  insert headers and footers
  create automatic page numbering
  create a bulleted list - turn it on and turn it off again!
  make columns
  create a table
  turn off the "helper" if it drives you crazy!
  add footnotes or comments (text and voice)
  use a template (i.e., make a brochure)
  use text boxes to place text and graphics for a complex layout - how does this work with "save as html"?