Checklist for Email and Mailing Lists
CoBaLTT Project

If you need help with any of the following, please consult the "Help" in your email program.
YES I know how to:
  send Marlene a message with the email I check the most often (
  apply for a free email account: (there are others you could try also)
Please sign up for an account with one of the free email services.  You can "play" with this account with no fear of messing up your regular email account!
  compose and send a message Check this out: can you spellcheck it?
  reply to a message. Check this out: does the original message show up? 
Can you delete the parts you are not specifically referring to? (referring and deleting - good "Netiquette")
  delete a message, empty the trash  (what's the difference?), delete more than one message at a time
  forward a message to another person 
  create a new message in my email program that goes to more than one person
Check this out: what is a "carbon copy" (cc) and a "blind carbon copy" (bcc)?
  save or print a message
  check the problem with a "bounced" message (it came back to me unsent)
Check this out:   send messages to yourself with an error in the name or address
  send an attachment with an email message.
Check this out:
write up something in a word processor with tabs, quotes, and FL characters. Copy and paste it into the body of an email message and send it to your neighbor. How does it look? Does it look different when you sent it as an attachment? What else should you be aware of when sending attachments (hint: think about the receiver's word processor)?
  create an address book in my email program
  create a group address in my address book (i.e., one name that sends an email to many email addresses)
  follow email "netiquette"  (take a look at the Resources page for these)
  create a "folder" ("mailbox") to save my email messages in different categories
  "filter" my messages to different "mailboxes" or folders
  make and use a "signature" file (an automatic addition to the bottom of your email message that might contain your full name, address, snail mail, email, phone, etc.)
Listservs (Mailing Lists)
  subscribe to the CoBaLTT listserv - SAVE/Print the reply message with other command explanations!
  read the header (To:,  From:, etc.) of a message to see if I have received a public or private message.
Check this out:
hit "reply" on a message you receive from the listserv. Who does it go back to?
  set up a filter to put the CoBaLTT listserv messages in their own folder
  find a listserv on a topic I'm interested in - look at the Resources suggestions for a list and search engine
  temporarily stop mail from a mailing list or have messages sent in "digest" form
Check this out: did you save the instruction message you received from the listserv?
  create my own mailing list to use with students   Check this out:

Last updated July, 2004