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College and university names are standardized. For example, we list The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus as "University of Minnesota, Twin Cities."

Please check all appropriate descriptions. If you are reporting, for example, on a summer class for college/university, check both "summer" and "postsecondary."

If you click on "Summer," several more fields open up for you to enter the dates, number of credits, etc.

If you are entering information about a study-abroad course, you will be asked to list the location.

The check box labeled "SILP -- Self-instruction Language Program" covers the variety of classes taught with the model of a native speaker instructor (often graduate student, not regular faculty) and an examiner who can asses the progress of the students. The programs may have names like "Directed Self-Instructional Language Program, "Mentored Language Program," "Alternate Language Study Option Program" or similar. Please check the'SILP' box and explain further if you wish in the "General Notes" box below.

Which level(s) does this course aim at? The sequence of offerings is important for someone seeking a course. The textbox "Notes on level" (below) allows you to describe the levels more completely.

How often is the language offered? Check whether it is annually, occasionally, or regularly but not annually. The "General Notes" field can be used for more specific information (e.g., "beginning and intermediate levels alternate each year").

Some language courses attempt to focus on a specific topic or aspects. Please indicate what that focus might be.

If the course you are describing is a 4-skills course (reading, writing, speaking, listening), you may indicate that.

"Cross-over" is the designation for courses such as "Portuguese for Spanish Speakers."

A course in "Reading Italian in the Arts and Sciences" should have "Reading" checked, and "Arts and Sciences" noted in the "Other" box.

"LSP" is a "language for special purpose" (e.g., "Portuguese for business" should be checked as an "LSP" with "business" indicated in the "If LSP" box).

In the "General Notes" box, you can list comments about the program that do not fit nicely into the other entry categories. You can add comments about student expectations (little or no previous knowledge of the language... heritage students, application procedures for special courses, other related courses).

Expected Proficiency Level
  Speaking Writing Listening Reading
Common European Framework
Interagency Language Roundtable

Program Information

If your program offers a major or other degree in the language you are reporting, select the appropriate degree(s).

If your institution has a closely linked study-abroad program for the language or program you are describing, please check "yes" and identify that study-abroad program in the "General Notes" box.

Some colleges and universities cooperate with other institutions in consortia. These member institutions can easily share resources with each other.

CIC = "Committee on Institutional Cooperation"

University of California Consortium for Language Learning and Teaching

The consortium of the Five Colleges in Massachusetts includes Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, Smith and U of Massachusetts.

Please add any others that you may belong to in the "Other" box.

A URL to your program's pages helps others find out more about the program and its attributes. You need the complete URL (e.g., "http://carla.umn.edu/arabic/index.html"), so that the user can click on it when it appears.

Contact Information
Please list people who will be able to provide more information about your program or language offering. These contacts may be the actual classroom instructor or a school or departmental administrator. An email address is preferred, but postal and telephone data will help potential students find out more about the program.







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