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The grid below is an annotated index to part of the Virtual Picture Album compiled and distributed by the Less Commonly Taught Languages Project at the University of Minnesota. The pictures in this section of the VPA are of people, places and objects in Israel. Each of the pictures is represented by a thumbnail-sized image in the grid, and is accompanied by:

There are also suggestions for ways to use certain pairs or groups of pictures.

Due to the number of pictures in this section, the VPA index for Israel is divided into two parts.

To view or download a full-sized picture from the VPA, click on its thumbnail representation below.

Photo (Thumbnail) Vocabulary Items Topics Grammar Points
living room, sofa, pillows, pictures, table housing -interior furnishings how many? -pictures,pillow
locative/spatial relations;
street, sidewalk, to park, motorcycles (2), to lock, blue, red, traffic lights, cars, street sign urban/rural -urban
colorsblue, red, green
transportation -motorcycle
cardinal numbers -plural (2)
bus, to drive, bus driver, red transportation -bus cardinal numbers -plural
motion verbs;
university, building, to study, windows, tree, sign school-university
everyday life-going to the u
urban/rural-urban (Haifa)
how many?windows
advertisement, mayonnaise, sign, street, to eat food -mayonnaise  
buildings, street, city, cars, traffic lights, sky, windows housing -apartments; locative/spatial relationships;
parking, prices, sign-Hebrew, yellow, car numbers -prices comparatives -more/less
school, to study, flag, blue, white, entrance, trees everyday life -going to school
urban/rural -rural (Kadima)
event/procces -going to school
shop, street, sign-Hebrew, plants, flowers, green shopping -flowers
bakery, sign, cookies, red, shalves, to sell, to display    
cafe, table, chairs, to drink, to eat, drinks, cakes, man, sign-Hebrew pastimes -going out
colors -red, blue, yellow, brown
locative/spatial relations -to the right, behind, next to, in front of
cakes, cream, to display, to eat, bakery, refrigerator, shelves how many?-cakes
comparativescheaper, expensive, higher, lower
locative/spatial relations;
-plural/singular forms
cloth store, saleswoman, prices, shelves, shirts, to show numbers- -prices
colors -red, green, orange
occupations: -saleswoman
locative/spatial relations;
-plural/singular forms
apparel store, saleswoman, prices, sign-Hebrew/English, shirts, counter, window shopping -clothes
money -prices
comparatives -cheaper, more expensive
event/process -going-shopping
to display, shirt, pants, skirt, numbers, dress, red, white colors -red, white
clothing -shirts, pants, dress, skirt
store interior;
locative/spatial relations -to the right, between, to the left
wedding dress, white, bride, sign-Hebrew how many? -wedding dresses
shopping -wedding dresses
children, donkey, to ride, hat, grass how many? -children
animals -donkey
comparatives -younger/older
women, bus stop, stroller, baby, to talk, to wait everyday life -waiting-bus
clothing -hat, handkerchief, skirt
culture -religious people

street, black suit, hat, bus station, sign-Hebrew, motorcycle culture-religious people  
roadsign, religious freedom, blue, white, sign-Hebrew shapes -square
colors -blue, white
restaurant, menu, table, pizza, ravioli, sign-Hebrew foodpizza, salmon, ravioli, tomato, eggplant
pastimes -going to eat
comparatives -more, less
playground, to slide, children (2), hat pastimes-playing comparatives -older, younger
kiosk, drinks, pizza, refrigerator,pictures, cash machine occupation -salesman
colors -red, blue, pink, green
loto booth, to sell, blue, orange, red, man, trash can colors -blue, red, orange;
shapes -rectanegle, square;
pharmacy, shelves, counter, pharmacist, people (3), medications shopping -seller-buyer dialogue locative/spatial relations -behind, in front of
flowers, picture, sign-Hebrew, prime minister, memorial politics-prime minister  
room, bedroom, make-up table, chair, mirror, telephone, lipstick, perfumes house -bedroom reflexive -to comb, to put on make up
room, vase, candles, picture, vcr, cabinet colors -brown, red, white;
housing -interior furnishings
locative/spatial relations;
bed, picture, shelves, pillows (2), telephone, audio, lamp housing -interior furnishing conditional -what would you do if...
comparatives -bigger, smaller
children (2), room, boombox, cassette, shelf how many? -children
body parts-hair, hands, legs, eyes
comparatives -younger/older
positions -sitting vs. standing
street, buildings, arrows, cars, traffic lights urban/rural-urban locative/spatia:-near/far

animals   comparatives
buildings   conditional
ceremonies   directions
children   following a map
clothing   locatives/spatial relations
colors   motion verbs
culture   near/far
direction signs   numbers
everyday life   ordering of process/event
family   plural
food   progressive
historical/religious elements   reflexivee
kitchen appliances/utensils  
store interior  
traffic signs  

Grouping Suggestions

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