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CoBaLTT Instructional Modules

The CoBaLTT web-based Instructional modules served as an integral part of the CoBaLTT professional development program (from 1999-2006) and may be used as a learning resource for language teachers who are interested in learning how to implement CBI.

The instructional modules serve as the cornerstone for the CoBaLTT program. They include:

National Foreign Language Standards: includes information about the national Standards for Foreign Language Learning, and the framework that they provide for content-based language learning.

Principles of CBI: focuses on the background, principles, and research base for content-based instruction in second or foreign language contexts.

Curriculum Development for CBI: gives direction and guidelines for creating CBI curriculum units and lessons.

Instructional Strategies for CBI: outlines the instructional techniques and practices that are essential to integrated language and content teaching.

Assessment for CBI: provides the background and principles of performance-based assessment and emphasizes the development and use of classroom-based formative and summative assessment tools for teachers.

Technology for CBI: looks at the effective uses of technology in the content-based language classroom.

Each module features key readings, some of which are accompanied by guided reading comprehension activities. The guided reading comprehension activities pose questions about the readings and prompt teachers to reflect on the reading and answer the questions. Afterwards, they may compare their answers to an answer provided by the CoBaLTT team and access the portion of the reading that corresponds to the question.

In addition, some modules provide hands-on web-based activities that will help teachers to learn the principles and concepts.

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Technology requirements to complete the modules:


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