Sur la piste des voyageurs

Submitted by Maureen Curran-Dorsano

Language: French
Unit Cultural Theme or
Academic Content Area:

French Fur Trade

Target Audience:

Immersion Elementary
Grade: 4

Proficiency Level:

Intermediate Mid



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Unit Timeframe:

This unit is comprised of four main sections. Each section could be completed in two 45-60 minute class sessions. The majority of the work should be done in pairs so as to maximize student output.

Unit Overview:

This unit traces the development and spread of the French fur trade in the Great Lakes area, from the arrival of Jacques Cartier to the era of the Northwest Fur Trade Company and the French voyageurs. The four areas of study are la Nouvelle France (New France), les Amérindiens (Native Americans), la traite des fourrures (the fur trade) and les Voyageurs.

General Unit References and Resources:

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Subject-specific resources are listed with each lesson.

"Interactive Word Wall" ideas (excellent activities for vocabulary building):
Many of these activities are targeted at primary grades, but could be easily adapted to more sophisticated language objectives. Vocabulary development is as important as the content of this unit, and considerable time should be spent with the word wall.

I would like to thank all of the authors and illustrators who granted me permission to use their works on my website.

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Lesson 1 - La Nouvelle France
Lesson 2 - Les Amérindiens
Lesson 3 - La traite des fourrures
Lesson 4 - Les voyageurs
Unit Assessment