Celebrations and Traditions

Submitted by Aaron Arredondo

Language: Spanish
Unit Cultural Theme or
Academic Content Area:

Social Studies, Language Arts, Technology

Target Audience:

Immersion Elementary
Grade: 1

Proficiency Level:

Novice Mid



1.1, 1.2, 1.3


2.1, 2.2







Unit Timeframe:

4 - 6 weeks

Unit Overview:

In this unit, we will be studying various celebrations and traditions from around the world. Each lesson will be focused on a different celebration with a related activity: el día de los muertos -- write three parts of a story; Hanukkah -- write an acrostic poem; Kwanzaa -- create a food pyramid; Chinese New Year --write 4-5 sentences about one of the animals from the Chinese zodiac calendar.

Final assessment: Each student will share a celebration or family tradition (child generated poster format) in an oral presentation with the class.


In Kindergarten, the students learned a song about the seven continents. This lesson is an extension of that unit as we will be studying Celebrations that originated from five of the seven continents:

  • North and South America -- El día de los muertos
  • Europe -- Hanukkah
  • Asia -- Chinese New Year
  • Africa -- Kwanzaa*
    *Although Kwanzaa is an African-American celebration, we will make the connection to Africa.

This is also related to the First Grade curriculum in that it ties directly to Families and Comparisons of Cultures (SPPS curriculum 2000-01).

General Unit References and Resources:

Saint Paul Public Schools Districtwide Curriculum, Grade 1

Scholastic's Holidays around the world:
and activity ideas

Hanukkah and Kwanzaa information in Spanish:

Links or files for unit content:     A new window will open for each lesson.

Chinese New Year
El Día de los Muertos
Unit Assessment