Immigration into the United States
Unit Assessment

Submitted by Kathy Walcott

Time Frame:

This activity will take approximately 5 45 minute class periods.

Materials Needed:

Materials needed:

  • access to Kidspiration
  • poster board, markers, glue (supplies for making a poster)

Description of Task:


  • Teacher will demonstrate/review with students how to use Kidspiration. Students will need a session in which to experiment with Kidspiration if they are not already familiar with this program.
  • Teacher will share with students the criteria Final Assessment Rubric (see attachment).
  • Explain to the students that the "REQUIRED PARTS" of the rubric will have double value.  It is expected that each section of the poster relate to Immigration and each category will be assessed on its connection to the theme of immigration.

 During Task:

  • Students will work in pairs in order to create a poster which meets the requirements of the rubric.
  • Students will rehearse oral presentation.
  • Students will present poster to the class.


  • Students and teacher will celebrate completion of unit with a Pen Pal Picnic.  This picnic will include the pen pals from previous lessons and also the people that were interviewed.  At the picnic, students will have an opportunity to share their posters with visitors.



References and Resources:



NOTE: some attachments are in PDF form (get Acrobat Reader)

Making Poster Rubric (poster rubric.xls and poster rubric.htm