Program Evaluation for Language Instructors
Margaret Malone, Center for Applied Linguistics

Program evaluation has the power to transform not only language programs but to provide opportunities for instructors to reflect upon their teaching and their own professional goals and development. This workshop, designed for language teacher educators, demonstrates current approaches to language program evaluation. It identifies ways that both the activities and outcomes of program evaluation can assist language instructors in maintaining program quality.

The workshop begins with a general an overview e program evaluation, including how evaluation planning and activities can align with program objectives and mission. Next, the workshop demonstrates how program evaluation, through both quantitative and qualitative information gathering and analysis, can not only improve programs but also allow individuals to reflect upon their own growth. Participants begin with a short activity to identify their own assumptions about program evaluation. Through whole-group discussion and group work, current approaches to program evaluation and positive outcomes are identified. Participants will work to identify activities and processes that may work in their own settings and explore how such activities can help language programs maintain and expand their position in the curriculum.
(Limit 30 participants)