Market a Movie - Spanish

(Intermediate-Low level)

Writing task:

In pairs, students design a video jacket for the movie summary previously selected (during the reading portion of this lesson). They should include drawings that are pertinent to the story and use language that might encourage others to see the film. These movie jackets could then be placed on a bulletin board in the classroom or in the halls of the school.

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Use the multitrait rubric below to evaluate the student responses. A multitrait rubric will allow the teacher and students to determine the quality of the work. The rubric reflects the lesson's purpose (to read for comprehension and use written and visual communication to attract an audience), communicative function (imaginative--expanding ideas suggested by a piece of reading), and language structures (descriptive adjectives).

Market a Movie - Multitrait Rubric





Reflection of Movie Content

The movie jacket reflects thorough comprehension of the movie summary; effectively addresses the content; mentions the main ideas/characters from the summary as support.

The movie jacket reflects some comprehension of the movie summary; somewhat addresses the content; mentions a main idea/character from the summary as support.

The movie jacket reflects little comprehension of the movie summary; does not address the content; little or no support from the reading passage.


The movie jacket creatively integrates the drawings and text in a unified presentation.

The movie jacket shows some creative integration of drawings and text.

The movie jacket demonstrates an attempt to creatively integrate drawings and text.

Language Use

Excellent control of language features; well-chosen vocabulary and appropriate use of descriptors.

Adequate control of language features; limited vocabulary; meaning is communicated to the reader.

Weak control of language features; inappropriate or minimal vocabulary; errors in descriptors exist that either misrepresent the movie or make it difficult for the reader to understand.


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