Selected-response item formats

In selected-response items, students choose a response from a list of alternatives.  These items are considered "objective" because each question has a right and wrong answer.  However, remember that the teacher wrote the questions so the items are not 100% objective.

We suggest that you create a table to guide the creation of questions for your assessment using Bloom's Taxonomy as a guide.  Assessments should include both lower and higher level thinking skills.  Here is a sample:

Lesson/Unit Objective

Bloom's Taxonomy

Identify places in a city


Match names of places in a city to the service associated with the place


Choose the store where you would most likely find the products on your shopping list.


Rate the importance of visiting city X as part of a tourist itinerary.


Selected-response assessments include:

Constructed-response item formats

Constructed-response items are designed to measure students' ability to use Bloom's Taxonomy to apply, analyze, evaluate, and create based on the knowledge and skills gained in the unit of instruction.

In constructed-response items, there is often more than one "correct answer". Students must "construct" their own answer without the benefit of choices.

Constructed-response can range from answers that are one sentence in length to complex answers requiring an essay or analysis.

Constructed-response assessments include: