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Creating note cards to make studying easier

Samantha uses note cards to study vocabulary as well as grammar.  For her it’s important to write onto the note cards grammar details with examples.

Samantha’s preparation of grammar note cards involves a 6-step process for studying the grammar in question.  Here are the stages:

  • She goes over her notes and rewrites them on a sheet of paper.
  • She then rewrites the information she considers particularly relevant, while looking at it and saying it to herself at the same time.
  • She includes examples.
  • She looks at her note cards and selects those that deal with grammar forms that can best be learned in comparison .  So, she might select the cards needed to contrast the impersonal se and the passive se, or to compare the uses of por with those for para.
  • As time permits, Samantha puts her note cards away and writes down the information from memory.  If she’s pressed for time, she reads through the cards, reminding herself about the grammar contrasts as she goes along.
  • At some point, she also has her roommates quiz her about the grammar information on the note cards.




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