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Talking to a native speaker

Rachel had a tough time learning hacer and desde expressions “even at an advanced level … because in English the way we would express the same meaning is structurally different.”  

However, one particular interaction with a native speaker sticks in her mind:

“I remember one time where [a particular use of this] really became clear.  …  I was visiting a friend in Mexico and … I said something like Hace mucho que voy a un bar’ (‘I’ve been going to a bar for a long time’ and what I really meant was Hace mucho que no voy a un bar  (‘It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a bar’) …  Then she asked me a clarification question:  Oh, you mean hace mucho que no vas a un bar.”

Her friend asked for clarification because she wasn�t sure what Rachel meant to say. So this timely feedback from a native speaker taught Rachel the correct form to use.




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