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Exercise 9: Thanks



Situation 1: Sample Dialogue


A boss calls his subordinate into his office and tells her to sit down.  She feel a little nervous.  The boss says, “You are doing an excellent job over these last three years.  We are so pleased with you that I’m going to give you a raise.”


(ノックの音)(knock on the door)

課長:はい。Hai.  ‘Yes?’


会社員:あ、課長、お呼びでしょうか。 A, Kacho, oyobide shouka?  ‘Did you want to talk to me?’


課長:あ、そこにまあ、座ってください。  A, sokoni maa suwatte kudasai.  ‘Well, have a seat.’


会社員:はい、失礼します。  Hai, shitsurei shimasu.   ‘Yes, thank you.’


課長:川口さん、あなたなかなかがんばってくれてるし、もう3年になるから、少しお給料、上げましょう。  Kawaguchi san, anata nakanaka ganbatte kureterushi, mou sannenni narukara, sukoshi okyuuryou, agemashou.  ‘Ms. Kawaguchi, you have been doing a good job, and since it’s been three years, we can give you a bit of a raise.’


会社員:あ、そうですか。どうもありがとうございます。これからも一生懸命がんばります。  A, soudesuka.  Doumo arigatou gozaimasu.  Korekaramo ishoukenmei ganbarimasu.  ‘Really?  Oh, thanks so much!  I’ll keep trying my hardest.’


課長:はい。  Hai.  ‘Good.’


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