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French Resources

Classroom Materials

Books and Other Publications

Pearson Education Canada Ltd.
French foreign languages K-12 including core and supplementary materials.
Website: www.pearsoned.ca
Phone: 1-800-263-9965 / 416-447-5101

CLE International
French materials, ages 6-adult, textbooks, reading, conversation, and grammar. Distributor for French publishing companies.
Website: www.cle-inter.com
E-mail (US Contact): blombard@cle-inter.com

Hachette Livre langue étrangère
All kinds of French books for teachers and students. Available through American distributor Ideal.
Website: http://www.hachette.com
E-mail: webmaster@hachette-livre.fr

Le Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique
Website: www.cndp.fr
Email: webmaster-commerce@echanges.cndp.fr

Centre Educatif et Culturel, Inc.
French language and immersion texts.
Website: www.editionscec.com/
E-mail: infoped@editionscec.com

Sosnowski Associates
Pre-school- through university-level French and Spanish language material published or distributed by selected Canadian publishers, including multi-cultural novels, CD’s, and cassettes of Québec music as well as computer software and texts for immersion schools.
Website: www.slrselections.com
Phone: 303-838-0921

Periodicals and Newspapers

FRANCE Magazine
Magazine in English about France. Published in Great Britain.
Website: www.francemag.com

Jeune Afrique
Weekly Parisian magazine on African current events.
Website: www.jeuneafrique.com/
E-mail: redactionweb@jeuneafrique.com

Le Devoir
Daily newspaper from Montréal, Québec.
Website: www.ledevoir.com
Email: redaction@ledevoir.com
Phone: 1-800-463-7559 / 514-985-3355

French magazine on current events.
Website: www.lexpress.fr

Le Journal Français d’Amérique
Authentic text in French at intermediate level. Published in San Francisco, CA.
Website: www.france-amerique.com
E-mail: info@france-amerique.com
Phone: 1-212-221-6700

Le Monde
French newspaper.
Website: www.lemonde.fr

Le Nouvel Observateur
French magazine with articles on current political and Nouvel Observateur cultural issues. Published in Paris.
Website: www.nouvelobs.com
Email: quotidien@nouvelobs.com

Website: www.liberation.fr

Paris Match
Website: www.parismatch.com

Professional Resources/Organizations

The Alliance Française in the United States
The Alliance Francaise's mission in the United States is to encourage anddevelop knowledge of the French language and French and Francophonecultures, and to foster cultural, intellectual and artistic exchangesbetween the USA and France and the French-speaking countries. Each AllianceFrançaise is governed locally and is operated as an independant, non-profit,
non-political, non-discriminatory organization.
Websites: https://www.alliancefr.org/ (French)
              http://alliance-us.org/ (English)
E-mail: dgi@alliance-us.org
Phone: 612-332-0436

American Association of Teachers of French (AATF)
Receive the journal, The French Review, six times a year and the National Bulletin four times a year. Keep up on issues in the field!
Website: http://www.frenchteachers.org
E-mail: aatf@frenchteachers.org
Phone: 618-453-

Association canadienne des professionnels de l'immersion
Wealth of resources for all levels. Sponsors annual conference in a different province each time.
Website: http://www.acpi.ca/

Canadian Parents for French
Organization for all interested in French language education.CPF sends out a newsletter and holds an annual conference.
Website: www.cpf.ca
E-mail: cpf@cpf.ca
Phone: 613-235-1481

Multimedia Resources

Web Sites

American Association of Teachers of French
Links to the top web sites for French teachers and students.
Website: www.frenchteachers.org
Email: aatf@frenchteachers.org
Phone: 1-618-453-5731

Yahoo! France
Lists of Web Sites, resources and information available. More than 28 categories ranging from news to entertainment, sports, travel, and real estate.
Website: fr.yahoo.com

Tennessee Bob’s - French Links
Lots of francophone web sites on topics such as art, literature, t.v., music, travel information, subway maps, and more.
Website: http://www.utm.edu/staff/bobp/french/french.html
Email: bobp@utm.edu

Le Serveur France
Created by the Ministère des Affaires Etrangères - current news, addresses for embassies, and more. In English, French, German and Spanish.
Website: www.france.diplomatie.fr

ARTFL Project
A project for American and French research of the treasury of the French language.
Website: humanities.uchicago.edu/orgs/ARTFL/
Email: mark@barkov.uchicago.edu

French Embassy
French embassy in Washington, D.C.
Website: www.ambafrance-us.org

Le Monde from Paris: Daily Newspaper
Website: www.lemonde.fr

Liberation: Daily Newspaper
Website: www.liberation.fr

Paris Match Magazine
Website: www.parismatch.com

Website: http://www.utm.edu/staff/globeg/radiotv.shtml
Email: bobp@utm.edu

Other Multimedia Resources

BBC Languages
Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/french/

University of Minnesota Language Center
The University of Minnesota’s Language Center has a web site devoted to a language software database for both Mac’s and PC’s. A link can be found on this page: languagecenter.cla.umn.edu/index.php?page=instructor (under “Materials Libraries”).

Champs Elysées audio-magazine
Monthly, hour-long program on audiocassette packed with news, features, and interviews from France. Subscribe for 5 months or 1 year. Study supplements are also available. Programs also available in German, Spanish, and Italian.
Website: www.champs-elysees.com
E-mail: usorders@champs-elysees.com
Phone: 1-800-824-0829

SCOLA (Satellite Communications for Learning)
SCOLA is an internationally-based non-profit consortium of educational institutions. It transmits international television programs for schools.
Website: www.scola.org
E-mail: scola@scola.org
Phone: 712-566-2202

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Website: www.cbc.ca

TV5 Consortium de télévision Québec-Canada
Website: www.tv5.org/quecan

TV Hebdo
Website: www.tvhebdo.com


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