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The grid below is an annotated index to part of the Virtual Picture Album compiled and distributed by the Less Commonly Taught Languages Project at the University of Minnesota. The pictures in this section of the VPA are of people, places, and objects in the Republic of Korea. Each of the pictures is represented by a thumbnail-sized image in the grid, and is accompanied by:

There are also suggestions for ways to use certain pairs or groups of pictures.

Due to the number of pictures in this section, the VPA index for Korea is divided into five parts.

Part 1 Daily Life: Shopping, Food, Transportation
Part 2 Korea Today: People, Education, Recreation

Part 3

Korea Yesterday: Culture, Tradition
Part 4 Historic Remains
Part 5 Geography: Landscape, Scenery


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Part 5. Geography: Landscape, Scenery

Photo (Thumbnail)
Vocabulary Items
Grammar Points
National Parks, Mountain Soraksan, resort Mountain, national park, resort, to climb, to hike, trees Descriptions
Shinhungsa Temple in Outer Soraksan Mountain Mountain, temple, location, to climb, to hike, hiking trails Descriptions, comparisons
National park National park, map, to read, mountain, height, distance, to walk, to climb, to plan, time estimated, camp sites, parking lot, visitor, hiking trails Descriptions, future tense, giving suggestions
Park To go, park, to walk, to hike, mountain, friend, to date Descriptions, present progressive
Group tour Tour, tour guide, to explain, to listen to, historic sites, tourists Descriptions
The National Museum of Korea To go, exhibition, opening hours, artifacts, people, building, stairs Asking the location, making suggestions, descriptions
Suburban life; community activities Community, gathering, activities, to clean, people, man, woman, elderly, senior, neighbor, families, to fly a kite, apartment Descriptions, plural marker, personal pronouns
Suburban life; hobbies, sports, playing a baseball To play baseball, weekend games, hobby, playground, baseball, tress, grass, players, friends Motion verbs, comparisons, present tense
Urban life: morning exercise To exercise, health, early, body parts, to move/bend, to walk, to run, tree, mountain Motion verbs, descriptions
Pusan Harbor Harbor, ships, fishery, port, breeding, to breed, seaweed, oyster, farm Descriptions, locatives
Pusan City City, view, buildings, population, density, buses, houses, billboards, signs Descriptions, locatives
Inchon Harbor Harbor, ship, fishery, to anchor, to fish Descriptions, locatives
Inchon Harbor Harbor, ship, fishery, to anchor, cargo Descriptions
Beach Beach, to swim, restaurants, houses Descriptions
Pusan Seafood Market Dock, huge, retailer, wholesale, to fish, wooden boxes, rubber gloves, fish, to buy/sell Descriptions, counting, number, making requests, counter for fish
Retail store in Pusan Seafood Market Fresh, fish, open market, wholesale, to buy/sell, counter (~mari) Description, counter for fish, counting, making requests
Open market; Pusan Seafood Market View, customers, retailer, to buy/sell, to bargain, price Description, counter for fish, counting, making requests
Local dried fish store in Naksan Beach, Kangnung Dried fish, squid, to buy/sell, retailer, to bargain, to ask Description, counter for fish, counting, making requests
Local Seafood/Fish open market in Sokcho fishing port Fishing, fish, sea food, fresh, to buy/sell, to bargain, fresh Descriptions
Naksan Port, fishery, fishing Fisherman, fishing nets, fishery, beach, ocean, color Descriptions
Kumgang River; scenery Kumgang, river, scenery, trees, to flow Descriptions
Rural Life; rural house, farming Rural, house, country, farm, farming, trees Descriptions
Rural scenery Dogs, puppies, dog house, to watch, to feed Descriptions

Agriculture, rice field Rice field, paddy paths, to harvest, green onion, utility poles Descriptions
Agriculture; harvest Farming, farmer, rice field, to harvest, trees, rural houses, walls Descriptions
Stores in rural side Barber shop, photo studio, to cut, hair, to develop films, people, boy, mailbox Comparison, descriptions
Inchon City view, city housing, population density, cargo Descriptions
City view; Seoul Building, house, church, density, signs, many Comparison, descriptions
Han'gang River in Seoul River, bridge, Han'gang Descriptions
Han'gang River in Seoul River, bridge, Namsan Seoul Tower, apartments, construction Descriptions
Youido in Seoul Apartment complex in Youido Descriptions, comparisons
Express way in Youido, 63 Building To drive, express way, road signs, bridge, 63 building Descriptions, locatives
63 Building in Youido, Seoul Tall building, Youido, buildings, many, observation deck Descriptions, directions, locatives
Suburban life; Apartment construction To build, to construct, apartments, new town, city expansion, suburb, development Present progressive, descriptions
City view, downtown traffic Road signs, cars, taxis, buildings, to drive Present progressive, descriptions, locatives
City view;downtown traffic Road signs, street lights, cars, buses, motorcycles, billboards, ads Descriptions, locatives
Wall of Kyongbokkung Palace Wall, gate, pine trees, roof, entrance Descriptions
Traditional building in palace Traditional building, kiwa, buildings, cars, parking lot Comparisons, descriptions
Youido, Seoul To drive, to park, cars, lanes, tress, street lights Comparisons, descriptions
Youido; Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) KBS, to broadcast, broadcasting system, public broadcasting Descriptions, asking for directions, locatives
Department store; Seoul To go shopping, to ask directions, department store, shopping, sale Giving directions, locatives, polite expressions
Downtown Seoul Buildings, signs, restaurants, to read, to order/buy Asking for directions, locatives
Street food; snacks Snack, to order, to buy, prices, to eat Asking prices, counter for general objects, counting
Busy streets; Chongno in Seoul Signs, people, stores, to go shopping, shoppers Asking about the location, giving directions, locatives, descriptions
Private language institutes in Seoul English education, private institutes, to register classes, English conversation, buildings, signs Giving directions, locatives


63 Building in Youido
Busy streets
Chongno in Seoul
City view; Seoul
Department store; Seoul
Downtown streets
Downtown traffic
Express way in Youido
Group tour
Hangang River in Seoul
Inchon Harbor
Kumgang River
Local dried fish store in Naksan Beach, Kangnung
Local Seafood/Fish open market in Sokcho fishing port
Mountain Soraksan, resort
Naksan Port
National Parks
Open market; Pusan Seafood Market
Private language institutes in Seoul
Pusan City
Pusan Harbor
Pusan Seafood Market
Retail store in Pusan Seafood Market
Rice field
Rural life; rural house, farming
Rural life; scenery
Shinhungsa Temple in Outer Soraksan Mountain
Stores in rural side
Street food; snacks
Suburban life; Apartment construction
Suburban life; community activities
Suburban life; hobbies, sports, playing a baseball
The National Museum of Korea
Traditional house in palace
Urban life: morning exercise
Walls of Kyongbokkung Palace
Youido in Seoul
Youido; Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)

Asking about the location
Asking for directions
Asking prices
Counter for fish
Counter for general objects
Future tense
Giving directions
Giving suggestions
Making requests
Making suggestions
Motion verbs
Personal pronouns
Plural marker
Polite expressions
Present progressive















Grouping Suggestions

  1. Shopping: department store
  2. Shopping: traditional market
  3. Foods on street
  4. Korean restaurants and food
  5. Public transportation: Airport
  6. Public trasportation: Subway
  7. Public trasportation: Railroad station
  8. Seoul
  9. Pusan, Inchon
  10. Schools and students
  11. Entertainment: Noraebang, Internet cafe, Nightclub
  12. Korean traditional constructions
  13. Natural scenery in Korea
  14. Traditional lives of Korea
  15. Folk games
  16. Traditional arts


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