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The grid below is an annotated index to part of the Virtual Picture Album compiled and distributed by the Less Commonly Taught Languages Project at the University of Minnesota. The pictures in this section of the VPA are of people, places, and objects in the Republic of Korea. Each of the pictures is represented by a thumbnail-sized image in the grid, and is accompanied by:

There are also suggestions for ways to use certain pairs or groups of pictures.

Due to the number of pictures in this section, the VPA index for Korea is divided into five parts.

Part 1 Daily Life: Shopping, Food, Transportation
Part 2 Korea Today: People, Education, Recreation

Part 3

Korea Yesterday: Culture, Tradition
Part 4 Historic Remains
Part 5 Geography: Landscape, Scenery


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Part 2. Korea Today: People, Education, Recreation

Photo (Thumbnail)
Vocabulary Items
Grammar Points
Seoul city view Capital city, population, density, crowded, buildings, apartments, mountains, mountain, geography Descriptions, present tense
Han'gang, apartment complex in Seoul Apartment, river, construction, barbed wire Description, ~e issoyo structure
Morning exercise in Namsan Exercise, morning walk, hiking, gazebo, people, early risers, diligent, stretching, physical exercise, to walk Describing daily activities, present tense, motion verbs
Underground market in Tongdaemun Underground market, shopping, passengers, road signs, news stand, newspaper, magazine, cars, bill board, shopping Asking/giving directions, ~juseyo structure
Subway station Signs, ads, subway transfer, way out, exits, tracks, busy people Asking for directions, subway transfers, polite expressions
Morning commuter, rush hour in downtown Subway, Youido, high buildings, passengers, line, commuter Comparisons, asking for directions (subway lines and transfer), polite expressions, locatives
Public phone, making a phone call Phone booth, public phone, coin, meeting, to schedule, appointment time+~e structure
Making an international phone call, using a phone card, reading instructions Telephone card, credit card, an international phone call, country code, area code, phone number Descriptions, describing a procedure (kurigo, ku taume etc.)
Harbor city Boat, harbor, fishermen, to fish, ocean Descriptions, locatives
Fishing nets, stores, names of fishing gear To buy/sell fishing gear, store signs Descriptions, measurement/size comparisons
Inshore fishery, seafood/fish store Seafood/fish store, dried fishes, dried seaweed, wild greens, squid, dried pollack, mushroom Descriptions
Fish Market To bargain, prices, fresh, seafood, to buy/sell, to dry Descriptions, asking prices, counter for fish (mari)
Public education system Public education, middle school, school building, students, school gate, classrooms Description
Elementary school in a city, school playground Playground, elementary school, apartment, students Describing school life
Elementary school, going to school in the morning Elementary school students, children, coming to school, school bags, friends, to walk [destination]-e + directional verbs
Class activity, elementary school classroom Classroom, students, desks, chairs, textbooks, blackboard, T'aegukki, to display, to sit on Descriptions, locatives, comparisons
Elementary school class Classroom, students, desks, chairs, textbooks, to display, to sit on, to study Descriptions, present tense, locative, comparisons
Kindergarten, field trip Kindergarteners, field trip, Korean folk village, teacher, traditional roof (kiwa), walls, uniforms, walking in line Descriptions, present tense, locative, motion verbs
Kindergarten students Kindergarten students, uniforms, backpack, gate Descriptions
Middle school students' field trip School, school uniforms, female/male students, trees, folk village, field trip Descriptions
High school students' filed trip High school students, field trip, group photo, Women's high school, students, to take a picture, flield trip, museum Descriptions, comparisons
University University, main gates, symbols, national (public) university Descriptions
University campus Campus buildings, signs, to go to class, banner Descriptions
Private English language education, English language institutes Hagwon (private institute), sings, buildings, English language training, English tests Comparisons, descriptions
English education, private English institutes Hagwon (private institute), sings, buildings, English education, English tests Descriptions
Taking a walk at a park To take a walk, park, to go, mountain, trees, dating, couples Descriptions, motion verbs, comparisons
Weekend life on a park People, pond, to take a walk, to date, to meet friends, couples, dating Motion verbs, descriptions
The elderly Elderly, senior, to rest, to sit, to chat Descriptions, personal pronouns, honorifics
Community activities Community gathering, activities, to clean, people, man, woman, elderly, senior, neighbor, families, to fly a kite, apartment Descriptions, plural marker for people, personal pronouns
Weekend park clean-up, community activity Bench, boy, volunteer, elderly, to sit, to pick up, to bend, garbage, grass, banner Descriptions, present tense, comparisons, motion verbs
Hobbies, sports, playing baseball To play baseball, weekend games, hobby, playground, tress, grass, players, friends Descriptions, past tense, motion verbs, names of sports
Entertainment, nightclub To dance, to go to a dance club, to meet friends, entrance, interesting Descriptions, asking location, locatives, talking about weekend activities, past tense
Entertainment, nightclub To dance, nightclub, DJ, dance floor, friends Descriptions, comparisons, present tense

Entertainment, nightclub Membership, nightclub, entertainment, sculpture Descriptions, comparisons, present tense, making requests, asking for information, locative particles
Noraebang, singing Singing, Noraebang, children, monitors, microphones, songs, titles Descriptions, comparisons
Noraebang, singing Singing, children, microphone, song, boy, girl Descriptions, comparisons, present tense
Internet cafe Internet cafe ("PC room"), internet, communication, pc games, e-mail Descriptions, comparisons
Internet cafe Computer, game, to send e-mails, chairs, adolescents Descriptions, comparisons, present tense, locatives, personal pronouns
Video games, entertainment To play games, to meet friends, to watch, scores, coins, to compete Descriptions, comparisons
Video games, entertainment To play games, to meet friends, to watch, scores, coins, to compete Descriptions, comparisons, present tense, explain the procedure


Apartment complex in Seoul
Community activities
Elementary school
English education
English language institutes
field trip
Fish Market
Fishing nets
Going to school
Hangang river
Harbor city
High school students' filed trip
Inshore fishery
international phone call
Internet cafe
Kindergarten students
making a phone call
Middle school
Morning commuter
Morning exercise in Namsan
Noraebang, singing
Public education system
Public phone
Reading instructions
Rush hour in downtown
School playground
School uniforms
Seafood/fish store
Seoul city view
Subway station
Taking a walk at a park
The elderly
Underground market in Tongdaemun
Phone card
Weekend life
Weekend park clean-up


[destination]-e + directianal verbs
~e issoyo structure
~juseyo structure
Asking for directions
Asking for information
Asking location
Asking prices
Asking/giving directions
Counter for fish (mari)
Describing a procedure (kurigo, ku taume etc.)
Describing daily activities
Describing school life
Explain the procedure
Locative particles
Making requests
Measurement/size comparisons
Motion verbs
Names of sports
Past tense
Personal pronouns
Plural marker for people
Polite expressions
Present tense
Subway transfers
Talking about weekend activities
Time+~e structure








Grouping Suggestions

  1. Shopping: department store
  2. Shopping: traditional market
  3. Foods on street
  4. Korean restaurants and food
  5. Public transportation: Airport
  6. Public trasportation: Subway
  7. Public trasportation: Railroad station
  8. Seoul
  9. Pusan, Inchon
  10. Schools and students
  11. Entertainment: Noraebang, Internet cafe, Nightclub
  12. Korean traditional constructions
  13. Natural scenery in Korea
  14. Traditional lives of Korea
  15. Folk games
  16. Traditional arts


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