Author: Gabriela Nik. Ilieva
© 1995-98 by the Regents of the University of Minnesota.  All rights reserved.

dUsre vWR ke iv;iqRyo' ke ilE a>y;s -
k;wns; v,Rn iks ic] k; hw)

v,Rn nMbr 1
yh miNdr ke b;hr k; Xy hw)
yh;\ pr miNdr me' pUj; ke ilE jo .I s;m;n c;ihye vh imlt; hw)
aNdr p[s;d c!;ne ke ilE fUl n;iryl sup;rI hote hw')
yh;\ pr m;l;E\ $'gI hw) log miNdr me' m;l;E\ .gv;n( ko phn;te hw'')
.gv;n( kI kuz muitRy;\ a;wr p[itm;E\ .I hotI hw' jo log apne s;q aNdr le j;te hw')
k.I-k.I log p[s;d ke p me' `rv;lo' ko apne p@oisyo' ko a;wr irXted;ro' ko p[itm;E\ .I b;\$te hw')

v,Rn nMbr 2
yh xhr ke iksI fl kI duk;n k; Xy hw)
yh;\ pr s'tr; hw n;r'gI hw an;r hw a'gUr h a;m h ppIt; h trbUj hw a;wr îtne trh ke fl)
yh;\ pr ye log duk;n ke b;hr flo' ko sj; kr r%te hw')
jo g[;hk a;te hw' ve apne ps'd k; fl cunkr a;wr tolkr y; k.I-k.I ignkr `r le j;te hw')
yh;\ d;m kI sUcI nhI' rhtI hw hm d;m to pUzte hw')
agr Jy;d; %rIdte hw' to ve qo@; sSt; .I dete hw' a;wr agr hm km lete hw' to qo@; mh'g; p@t; hw)

ic] nMbr 1

ic] k; #Ik v,Rn p!ne ke ilye click here.e

ic] nMbr 2

ic] k; #Ik v,Rn p!ne ke ilye click here.e

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