Author: Gabriela Nik. Ilieva
© 1995-98 by the Regents of the University of Minnesota.  All rights reserved.

ihNdI bolne ke ilye kuz a>y;s kIijye)
ic] k; n;m Ky; hw suZ;v dIijye)
ske b;d bt;ye ik ic] pr Ky; de% skte hw' inMnili%t xBdo' ko Stem;l krke)

trn; - to go down
kI go'd me' - in somebody's hands
c!n; - to climb
drI f. - rug
/mRx;l; f. - inn
ph;@ - hill, mountain
®kn; - to stop
sIi!y;\ - stairs
su%;n; - to dry up

ic] se s'bi't Ek kh;nI bt;ye)
s ic] k; Ek idlcSp v,Rn p!ne ke ilye click here.

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