Author: Gabriela Nik. Ilieva
© 1995-98 by the Regents of the University of Minnesota.  All rights reserved.

lgt; hw yh di=, .;rt ke mk;n k; Xy hw) p;s me' kele k; pe@ hw) kele a;wr n;iryl ke pe@ bt;yt di=, .;rt ke hr mk;n ke s;mne hote hw') vh;\ ke jlv;yu a;wr smu{ ke ikn;re ke k;r, ve aCzI trh clte hw' a;wr dex ke iksI a;wr .;g me' nhI' clte hw') s ic] pr jo mk;n hw vh kCc; hw a;wr pr `;sfUs se bn; a; hw) mk;n ke nIce Ek jgh hw jh;\ b@e-b@e pTqr id%; dete hw') brs;t ke smy bt kIc@ hot; hw a;wr s se bcne ke ilye pTqr lg;E E hw') yh sI ilye hw ik brs;t me' hm;re p;\v kIc@ ke aNdr nhI' `us j;E\ a;wr `r g'd; nhI' ho)

v,Rn sunne ke ilye (451K)

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