Author: Gabriela Nik. Ilieva
© 1995-98 by the Regents of the University of Minnesota.  All rights reserved.

dUsre vWR ke iv;iqRyo' ke ilE a>y;s -
k;wns; v,Rn iks ic] k; hw)

v,Rn nMbr 1
yh Xy a;gr; k; hw) xhr ke Ëpr se ily; gy; yh ic] hw)
dUr se t;j mhl dI% rh; hw a;wr îske a;sp;s kuz pe@ a;wr mk;n .I dI% rhe hw')
ye jo mk;n bne E hw' ye kCce mk;n hw' a;wr Ek m'ijl mk;n hw')
Kyo'ik .;rt me' log aKsr Svy' mk;n bn;n; c;hte hw' a;wr Kyo'ik nke p;s pws; bt nhI' hot; hw to do m'ijl nhI' bn; skte hw')
jb /Ire-/Ire pws; îkö; hot; hw to ve /Ire-/Ire apnI m'ijle' b!;te j;te hw')
jb /Up kI jrt hotI hw to log apn; an;j y; ms;l; zt pr su%;te hw')
k.I-k.I `r ke a'dr bt gmIR hotI hw a;wr Er kni@xnr y; p'%e s;m;Nyt" nhI'' hote hw') îsilE log zto' pr drI a;wr c;dr ibz; lete hw' a;wr vh;\ sote hw')

v,Rn nMbr 2
dUsre vWR ke ilE -
yh xhr me' jo mjdUr log k;m krte hw' nke `ro' k; Xy hw)
jo puW log hw' ve mk;n bn;ne me' shyog krte hw')
înkI iSt[y;\ jo hw' ve `r me' j;kr btRn s;f krtI hw' kp@e /otI hw' mk;n s;f krtI hw')
înke jo bCce hw' ve lki@y;\ Ëpr le j;kr zt pr lg;te hw' su%;ne ke ilE)
lki@yo' se log apn; cULh; jl;te hw' a;wr x;m ko s pr d;l ro$I Ees; %;n; bn;te hw')

ic] nMbr 1

ic] k; #Ik v,Rn p!ne ke ilyeclick here.
ic] nMbr 2

ic] k; #Ik v,Rn p!ne ke ilye click here.

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