Author: Gabriela Nik. Ilieva
© 1995-98 by the Regents of the University of Minnesota.  All rights reserved.

dUsre vWR ke iv„;iqRyo' ke ilE a>y;s -
suinye a;wr bt;ye k;wns; v,Rn iks ic] k; hw)

° v,Rn nMbr 1 sunne ke ilye (528K)
° v,Rn nMbr 1 sunne ke ilye (374K)

° dono' v,Rn p!ėne ke ilye click here.

ic] nMbr 1

°ic] k; #Ik v,Rn sunne ke ily
ic] nMbr 2

°ic] k; #Ik v,Rn sunne ke ilye

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