Author: Gabriela Nik. Ilieva
© 1995-98 by the Regents of the University of Minnesota.  All rights reserved.

ic] ko de%kr inMnili%t xBdo' ko Stem;l krke %;lI Sq;n .irye

smy-sUcI .I@-.;@ /;imRk smZ relve S$exn g;@I p;s me'

1 yh iksI g;\v ke ____________ k; Xy hw)
2 yh;\ pr k;fI ____________ hw)
3 log iksI ____________ k; î'tj;r kr rhe hw')
4 yh x;yd iksI____________ Tyoh;r k; smy hw îs ilE bt Jy;d; .I@ hw)
5 ____________ jo $I S$;l bn;y; a; hw yh;\ se log c;y a;wr n;Xt; %rId skte hw')
6 pIle %'.o' kI dono' trf do bo@R lge hw' jo ____________ bt;te hw' - k;wnsI relg;@I iks smy kh;\ se a;EgI k;wnsI relg;@I iks smy kh;\ pr j;EgI a;wr iks trf se hote E j;EgIe)
7 jo log p!e-il%e nhI' hw' agr kuz ____________ me' nhI' a;ye to pUz skte hw')

ic] k; pUr; v,Rn p!ne ke ilye click here.

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