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Clock Hours & Graduate-Level Credit

Clock Hour Certification

Participants can earn certificates for up to 30 Clock Hours of Continuing Professional Education for full attendance at any of the week-long CARLA summer institutes, or up to 6 clock hours/day for the two- and three-day programs. These are awarded on the last day of the institute.

Graduate-Level Credit Options

Most of the CARLA summer institutes are available for 2 graduate-level credits at an additional cost through the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) or College of Liberal Arts (CLA). The Transitioning to Teaching Language Online-online course is offered for 3 graduate-level credits.


International participants are currently not eligible to enroll for credit because of INS regulations, unless they are matriculated into a University of Minnesota program.

Institutes for language teachers offering graduate-level credit registration:

  • Content-Based Language Instruction (CI 5624)–CEHD
  • Creativity in the Classroom (CI 5627)–CEHD
  • Culture as the Core (CI 5621)–CEHD
  • Developing Assessments (CI 5625)–CEHD
  • Growing Learning Language (CI 5622)–CEHD
  • Teaching Language Through the Lens of Social Justice (CI 5608 sec. 2)–CEHD
  • Teaching Heritage Languages and Learners (CI 5608 sec. 1)–CEHD
  • Transitioning to Teaching Language Online-online course (CI 5608 sec. 4)–CEHD
  • Using the Web-online course (LgTT 5710)–CLA
  • Using Authentic Materials (CI 5608 sec. 3)-CEHD
  • Using Technology in Second Language Teaching (LgTT 5110)–CLA

Institutes for immersion educators offering graduate-level credit registration:

  • Immersion 101 (CI 5673)–CEHD

Tuition & Fees for Graduate-Level Credit

Tuition and fees for graduate-level credits depends on whether the participant is a degree-seeking/certificate student or a non-degree-seeking student (not matriculated in a U of MN program) who wishes to take the institute for credit.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students:

Cost: For those not enrolled in degree programs at the University of Minnesota, the tuition cost is between $697–805 per credit, PLUS approximately $100 in registration fees for two credits. The cost of tuition and fees is in addition to the initial registration cost through CARLA (varies between $350-$500).

See a chart of tuition and fees for non-degree-seeking students.

Note: Non-degree-seeking students who are accepted to the following UM certificate programs are eligible for a discount on their initial registration cost!

U of MN Degree-Seeking or Certificate Students:

Cost: A discount on the initial, non-credit registration cost is offered to UM students who will register for credit AND are currently enrolled in a University of Minnesota degree-seeking program or the certificate programs listed above. To pay this discounted rate (varies between $150 - $250), registrants must indicate their U of MN student ID# on the registration form.

Credit Registration Process:

The process for registering for graduate-level credit depends on your status at the University of Minnesota. See the CARLA Summer Institute registration page for details.




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