Immersion 101:
An Introduction to Immersion Teaching

July 10–14, 2017 (Teacher Session)
July 10–12, 2017 (3-day Admin Session)

Immersion 101 Instructional Team

A must for new immersion teachers and administrators, this institute provides an introduction to the challenges, options, and issues in the unique world of immersion education (K–12). The institute is distinctively organized to address the needs of a diverse audience. On the first two days the focus will be on issues of interest to new immersion teachers and administrators with facilitated breakout discussions on special topics such as secondary immersion.

Administrators spend their third and final day with a veteran immersion principal and address specific leadership competencies needed to develop, implement, and operate a strong language immersion program/school. During days three to five, teacher participants have extended time to plan for curricular and instructional innovation in their own classrooms. Concurrent teacher sessions will afford additional opportunities to differentiate by program model, language of instruction, and grade-level.

Program Schedule (9am-4pm)

Day 1 All Participants
  • Immersion Principles and Goals
  • Program Models
  • Immersion Benefits and Challenges
Day 2 All Participants
  • Essential Program Characteristics
  • Model Thematic Unit
  • Teaching Strategies Checklist
Day 3 Administrator Participants Only
  • High-Level Language Proficiency
  • Staff Hiring and Recruitment
  • Staff Development and Retention
Teacher Participants Only
  • "ABC + 3" Curriculum Development
  • Integration of Language, Culture, and Content
  • Interdisciplinary Performance Tasks
Day 4 Teacher Participants Only
  • Constructing Language Objectives
  • Promoting Peer Interaction
  • Immersion Teacher Presentations
Day 5 Teacher Participants Only
  • Immersion Teacher Presentations
  • Mentor Teacher Panel
  • Internet Resources for Immersion

You will learn how to:


Tara Fortune, Ph.D., is the Immersion Program director at CARLA and will serve as the lead instructor and institute facilitator. She devotes most of her professional time to the preparation and continuing education of immersion educators throughout the United States and abroad. She oversees research initiatives in immersion that have recently included a focus on struggling immersion learners and assessing immersion language development.

Veteran immersion teachers and administrators will share their specific expertise at the institute.

Target Audience: Designed for preservice and novice K–12 immersion teachers, administrators, district personnel or policy-makers, and specialist teachers in immersion schools. Not for experienced immersion teachers.


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