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Resources for Chinese Language and Culture Education - Summer 2016

(compiled by Tara Fortune, Molly Wieland, and Ping Peng)

Organizations for Chinese Teaching and Learning

Asian Center, Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia

Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network at Asia Society

Chinese Language Teachers Association

Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools

Chinese Language Teachers Association of California

Chicago Chinese Culture Institute

Colorado China Council

STARTALK Multimedia Teacher Workshop Collection


Mandarin Immersion Parents Council

Educational Communications Board

Website for Chinese language learners


Online Resources for Teachers of Mandarin

Asia Society Resources on Chinese Program

Read Chinese!

Experience Chinese

Family Language Alive  –Children Learning Chinese

Ideas and ready-to-use pictures/worksheets for young students in all subjects

Chinese Reading Assistant and Dictionary

Pin Pin Chinese

Confucius Institute Online

Mandarin Grammar Indices

Basic Chinese Grammar


Cheung, H-n. S., in collaboration with Liu, Sze-yun, & Shih, Li-l.  (1994). A practical Chinese grammar. The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press.

Li, C. N., & Thompson, S. A. (1981).  Mandarin Chinese: A functional reference grammar. Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press.

Language/Literacy Resources and References

Developing Literacy in Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language

Early Literacy for Chinese Children
(© 2013 by Life Span Development Lab, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Pinyin Instruction Online

Pronunciation practice (For both children and adults)

Chinese Pinyin Rules, etc. (dictionary, pinyin converter)

Four tones song

Pinyin song

Pinyin and radical practice by the UIOWA Chinese program (For teachers or students)

Character Learning Resources

Developing literacy in learners of Chinese as a foreign language

36 Chinese characters

Make Characters

Practice character writing with stroke order guides

Practice stories with characters to create concept map to facilitate story telling. Users need to sign in.

Practice for writing characters with songs, cartoons and games.

BBC provides language courses for characters and essential phrases learning in Chinese

Shen, H.  (2009). Learning 100 Chinese radicals. Beijing, China: Peking University Press.

Zhonghua Xiao, R., Rayson, P., & McEnery, T. (2009). A frequency dictionary of Mandarin Chinese. NY: Routledge (Taylor and Francis).

Story Read Aloud Resources

With funding from STARTALK 2013, Utah Dual Language Immersion is creating a free online summer reading program. A selection of stories is available for children in Grades 1-4. Each story comes with a storytelling video, read along, print book, English translation for parents, online activities, and printable activities.

510 Simplified Chinese animations online! Chinese reading apps for iPad/iPhone that reinterpret well-known classic stories and create a new way of learning and studying with multimedia devices.
5QChannel offers a special rate for U.S. parents here:
www.5qchannel.com/order/grouprate2011.htm This is a subscription.

1,000+ Chinese stories kids can read and listen to with text highlighting along narration. Selected content suitable for kids 4-12 years old.

UK Chinese Language Resources

Interactive Game to Practice 60 characters
The tools on this website are the creation of a student of Mandarin Chinese. They are centered around a dictionary and a suite of tools. These tools can be used both by English speakers who are studying Chinese or Chinese speakers studying English.

Materials and Resources for Chinese Immersion from XinXing Academy
Hopkins Public Schools, Hopkins, Minnesota

The following is a list of materials and resources that we have found useful for the primary years:

My First Chinese Words 36 books with Audio CD and big books
Better Chinese on-line resources (useful for homework—uses English and Chinese)
Better Immmersion (new program for the primary grades designed for Mandarin immersion)
Sing with Better Chinese set of 4 CDs
My First Chinese Game Cards
They now offer a book club (similar to Scholastic's) once or twice a year with popular stories such as Where the Wild Things Are in Chinese (you can choose simplified, traditional or pinyin)

Story books (some content-based and "graded readers")
Chinese cultural and educational products

Wide variety of online story texts in Mandarin without pictures

Sing n' Learn Chinese
Book and CD; 22 great songs
[ISBN:  1-888194-17-0; available through Amazon.com]

Learning Chinese with Fun
A collection of songs and rhymes on CD, from Singapore—Student Material, nursery level
[ISBN:  981-271-736-6 or 978-981-271-736-8]

Learning Chinese Is Fun
A set of materials for nursery, kindergarten 1 and kindergarten 2, including student activity book, teacher resource book, big books, small books, activity cards and CDs. These materials are approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education and connect with the Primary Chinese Language book sets P1-P6 that follow in the series.

This resource has a good writing book for age 4-5:  Write and Learn.  It helps students learn the structure of Chinese characters.

Primary Mandarin 
A good series of easy readers for students in K-1

An on-line bookstore from Singapore that has many resources including books, posters and other classroom realia for Chinese

Learning Chinese with Fun
A series of books that goes with the Singapore Reading curriculum. We use them as supplemental reading for each lesson in all grade levels.

A great source for Chinese books at reasonable prices

Graded reader series of easy-to-read novels in Chinese well-suited to students in Grades 4-6. Level 1 readers include Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Curly Haired Company, The Secret Garden, The Monkey's Paw, Country of the Blind, etc.

To Support Guided Reading: This series is graded by the number of characters a child can read (each book is labeled by the number of characters, from 100 up to 1200 characters).  The books are nicely illustrated, have good stories, are a reasonable length, and do not have pinyin on the page (except for a few new vocabulary words that they put at the bottom of the page).  We are using them for guided reading in grades K-5.  
China Sprout and Nanhai Books also have many other titles that can be used with students in grades 1-6, such as "Magic School Bus" series books in Chinese and National Geographic books in Chinese

Arch Chinese is an online Chinese learning system crafted by Chinese teachers in the United States for Mandarin Chinese language learners at K-12 schools and universities. Strong focus on character learning.

eChinese, Inc.   (This is a fee-based subscription service.)
A Chinese teaching and learning program based on a successful Singapore Mandarin Chinese program.. The company is focused on delivering quality educational digital contents, resources and online learning systems for schools, corporate, and individual customers.

eChinese is based on a well established Chinese learning and teaching program with more than 50,000 users. It is best suited for the learners of Mandarin Chinese as a second language. It is now distributed out of Bloomington, MN: Phone: 626-377-8776.  Website:

This web-based resource has lots of books, some movies, comics, textbooks, songs, nursery rhymes, etc.  Really a great and FREE resource!!

This is a safe and fun way for American kids learning Chinese to communicate with Chinese kids learning English in China. It is free for U.S. students!  Kids are matched based on age and common interests and can "chat" online.  All communication is monitored by the company.  It is a great way for immersion students to use their language skills for authentic communication.  It can be done at school or from home.
This is a magizine designed for Chinese-speaking kids in North America.  It contains stories, informational essays, children's writing, poetry, songs, craft ideas, and book reviews.

These online videos teach social language to Chinese teens.  The language level is relatively easy for immersion students, but helps them to learn social language through a continuing story of an American who is studying in China.  There are subtitles in English, but those could be covered. 

Website developed by a computer science student at the University of Minnesota and one of our teachers at XinXing.  The site provides audio versions of hundreds of books in Chinese at 7 levels of difficulty.  You can use the site to follow along with books from your school, classroom or at-home library.  Kids and parents really love using this resource at home.  It is also useful for a "listen to reading" station during guided reading time.

Level Chinese is the first system to provide a literacy focused curriculum and assessments in K-12 Chinese as a 2nd language classrooms. We leveraged well researched and proven methods used in ELA classrooms but adapted the content for 2nd language Chinese learners.   Our goal is to help teachers develop Confident and Independent Chinese Language Readers!

Introducing "Epic! for Educators." Available for FREE to all U.S. and Canada-based elementary school teachers and librarians. This resource provides unlimited access to high-quality books for K-5 including books in Chinese.





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