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Archived Content from Conference Held in October 2012

Immersion 2012: Bridging Contexts for a Multilingual World

Wednesday School Visits
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**Pre-registration required** 

Conference participants may choose to visit one immersion school for an additional fee of $50, which includes charter bus transportation to the school from the conference hotel.

Meet in the lobby of the conference hotel at the time specified below on Wednesday morning. Tours last approximately 3.5 to 4 hours, including travel time.

Buses load at School Information

7:30 AM

Highland Park Middle School (6-8) offers secondary-level continuation Spanish immersion programming for students in the Saint Paul Public Schools. Adams Spanish Immersion Magnet and the district's other dual language programs are feeder schools for these programs. Highland Park Middle School offers four year-long content area courses in Spanish (Social Studies, Science, Math, Language Arts). 

7:30 AM

Park Spanish Immersion (K-5) is a one-way world language immersion school in a first ring suburban district (St. Louis Park Public Schools). During kindergarten and first grade, initial literacy and all subject matter instruction is in Spanish. English language arts instruction is introduced in grade 2. Immersion students can continue with Spanish immersion in the district at the junior and senior high levels.

7:30 AM

XinXing Academy (Mandarin Chinese, K-6), a strand program in Eisenhower Elementary School of Hopkins Public Schools, a suburban district, is a one-way foreign language immersion program. It is an early total immersion program and literacy is introduced in Mandarin. English language arts is introduced in the third grade.

8:00 AM

Adams Spanish Immersion Magnet (K-5), Saint Paul Public Schools, is an urban immersion program that has a large number of Latino students with heritage language background. The program is designed for students who are primarily proficient in English by kindergarten. Kindergarten and first grade are taught entirely in Spanish, and English language arts is introduced in second grade. Students can continue their immersion experience in the district through 12th grade at Highland Park Middle School and Highland Park Senior High.

8:00 AM

L'Etoile du Nord (French, K-5) is a one-way total world language immersion school in a large urban district (Saint Paul Public Schools) serving K-6 students. Initial literacy is taught in French, and English language arts instruction begins in 2nd grade. Immersion students can continue with French immersion in the district at the junior and senior high levels.

11:15 AM

Anishinabe Academy High 5 (Ojibwe/Dakota preschool) program is the Minneapolis Public School’s Native American Magnet preschool focusing on academic achievement, Ojibwe and Dakota language and culture. Minneapolis Public Schools is a large urban district. There is a daily six-hour program (three hours of Ojibwe or Dakota immersion and three bi-lingual hours in English & Dakota or English & Ojibwe).


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