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Intermediate Writing (English)


Intermediate level tasks require learners to demonstrate that they can:

  • Create practical statements and questions to meet practical needs and limited social demands
  • Write short messages and letters
  • Write paragraphs and short compositions
  • Take simple notes

Restaurant, Foods, Invitations, Preferences

Writing stimulus:



Eating Out, Entertainment

Customs and Holidays

Nutrition and Cooking

Social and Community Events

Incomplete Chart

Complete an online take-out food order form.
Example: Pizza Order Form

Try this: Students fill out a form and write suggestions to a restaurant using a "How can we serve you better?" form.


Try this: Students complete a chart with what they eat for breakfast and evaluate the nutritional value.

Try this: Students complete an invitation and add a note about specifics for the occasion.


Try this: Students write an e-mail to a friend to ask about a restaurant that looks interesting.

Try this: Students write about their favorite birtday celebration or school year.

Try this: Students write about their preference for a dish based on a picture.

Try this: Students write a short article about an event for a local paper based on a picture.


Short Prompt/Question

Students write a complaint letter about a bad restaurant experience.
Example: Complaint Letter

Try this: Students write to e-pals in target language about where they like to go eat.

Try this: Students ask e-pals for suggestions for food or restaurants.


Students describe what they like and dislike about their favorite holiday celebration for the class newspaper or an online target language chat room.

Example: What I really like and don't like

Try this: Students write a short article about a holiday event for a local paper.

Try this: Students respond to a survey about snack foods on a target language web site.

Try this: Students write an essay about a food they do not like.

Try this: Students write a letter to thank someone for a weekend they spent with a friend's family.

Try this: Students write a thank you note for a party they attended.

Short Text
(advertisement, menu, newspaper or magazine article)

Students write an email to a friend reminding them of a new address for a restaurant.

Example: Reminder

Based on a menu, students write a restaurant review for a newsletter. 
Example: Restaurant Review



Try this: Students write an ad about their favorite dish.

Try this: Students read or listen to an ad for a food and write questions about the food to the manufacturer.

Try this: Students make an advertisement to invite the community to an Open House/Concert/Language Day at their school.

Try this: Students write a short e-mail message to make a reservation for a free concert, city theater, celebrity lecture

Two Texts
(articles or editorials on the same topic)

Try this: Provide students with restaurant reviews and ask them to write their own review and include their preferences.


Try this: Students read or listen to two accounts of celebrating a holiday and write what is similar and what is different.



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